About YACM

YACM is an organisation completely dedicated to the cause of Carnatic music. As the name suggests, it is an organisation run by a group of youngsters to provide a place for the promising young artists who seek an appropriate platform to showcase their talents. In our own way, we try to bring these hidden talents to the forefront and enable them to make their mark in the world of classical music. In addition, we are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to engage the youth.


YACM was started in 1985 by the founding committee, headed by B. Kannan, for the purpose of promoting Carnatic music amongst the youth, and providing a platform for talented youngsters. By conducting various innovative activities, they were able to gain the involvement of many youngsters and developed their interest in classical music. Their vision has lived on for over 20 years and YACM continues to prosper.

YACM is an organisation that has captured the hearts of thousands in every segment of the society from senior vidwans to music connoisseurs, corporate giants to small-time musicians, philanthropists to college students, teaching faculty to temple trustees, and more. And to YACM, that itself is a major achievement. 

What started off as a humble gathering of like-minded people is today a great movement. A movement that inspires more youth to take to classical music - either as performers or rasikas or as organisers. At YACM, classical music is not just concerts & lectures. It is where innovations and ideas begin.

YACM is an association that provides an opportunity to young performers who seek a respected platform for their maiden performance. Our responsibilities and working avenues go far beyond this, however. Our activities provide the youth with opportunities to learn many important lessons as well. Our annual anniversary celebrations that excite Madras for about a week every August provides excellent means of identifying future managers, leaders, workaholics and creative persons. It is an experience that gives everyone important lessons for life.

And what has all this fetched us?

A membership list in excess of 300 people.

More than 500 artistes who have been presented. Of these, about 30% had their debut at YACM.

The gratitude of many youngsters who perform today for having brought them forth into this field.

Where does it stand today?

Today, YACM is an important part of classical music. It is the future, with the promise of a long stint, taking with it millions of accolades, achievements and admiration. To YACM members, it is a matter of pride and honour to be the torch bearers of such a rich and wonderful tradition, a tradition that is your very own.


Firsts in YACM

First to organise sponsored programmes, involving the corporate circles in organising music festivals - a great boon and favorite today.

First to bring entertainment and creativety to music by means of innovative programmes like Akshara Antaadi, Swara Jam, Tala Tarangini, Raga Repertoire, Music Quiz, etc.

First to conduct a day long Music Carnival that involved playing with music - a "learn while you play" concept. This was a series of stalls that gave adapted versions of popular college games, linked with music in a superb blend of entertainment and education. It was a concept that gave a major uplift to YACM by attracting scores of college students into its fold.

First to take music to educational institutions by conducting competitions, games and lectures for school children and college students.

First to conduct concerts, lectures & workshops for employees of the private sector companies, conducting lectures & concerts for their families.

First to introduce the concept of lec-cons (lecture-concerts) where every aspect of understanding a concert is explained just as it is being rendered or executed for the benefit of a person new to classical music.

First to launch massive projects aimed at creating appreciation for classical music among school children through programmes like the Build a Rasika contest.

First to organise in 1993, a unique programme to schools, where the students are asked to present creative programmes related to classical music. This was conceived, developed, organised and executed by the students.

First to conduct group discussions and workshops on various themes like appreciating classical music through film music, understand individual ragas, understand concerts, etc. by eminent musicians.

First cultural organisation to use state-of-the-art technology like computerized database, laser technology & offset printing for all its communications, Dhwani, etc. and use of modern communication techniques like audio-visuals in its programmes.

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Join the YACM family today by filling out the membership form (PDF) and returning it to any YACM executive committee member.

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